If You Like Fury,
You Will Love Rampage

- Smallest Diameter
- Pound for Pound our strongest Material
- 100% UHMWPE
- Rock Solid Stability

- Recomended Strands :
Compound - 28 - 32
Traditional - 20
Crossbow - 46

Unleash The Fury
- Smaller Diameter
- 100% UHMWPE
- Rock Solid Stability

- Recomended Strands :
Compound - 28 - 32
Traditional - 20
Crossbow - 46

Ultimate Bowstring Material
- Unmatched Durability
- Superior Strength
- Incredible Speed
- 100% HMPE
- Less Fraying
- Crossbow Approved
- Recomended Strands - 20

Ultimate Bowstring Material
- Enhanced Though Proprietary Process
- Performs Like a Blended Material
- No Creep
- Fastest Arrow Speed
- Superior Strength
- Unmatched Stability
- Small Diameter than Rhino, Astro Flight, or D-75
- 100% HMPE

  Astro Flight
Next generation Bowstring Material
- No Creep
- 20% Stronger
- Incredible Speed
- Durable
- Stable
- Soft Shot
- Performs like a combination material
- 100% HMPE
See color chart.

- Great Stability
- Amazing Speed
- No Creep
- Combination Material
- 1/3 Vectran, 2/3 HMPE
- Recomended Strand Count 20 - 24
See color chart.

Superior strength and durability while offering great accuracy. 100% HMPE material with .015 diameter. This product was cycled 1,000,000 times and all the strands remained intact. See color chart.

Synthetic superiority with excellent abrasion resistance. Durable and consistent it has been the standard for Traditional bows since 1944. .018 diameter. See color chart.


Fast Flight Plus™
The first High Modulus PolyEthelyne (HMPE) bowstring material. Minimal creep, superior strength and durability. .014 diameter. See color chart.

  RCT Serving
RCT Serving is a braided serving proprietary coating. The process takes serving separation out of the equation. Locks onto your string. Abrasion resistant Available Diameters are .022, .026, and .036. Available in Black only.

  Fusion Serving
Fusion Serving is 100% HMPE twisted serving with a proprietary coating. The process allows each wrap of serving to fuse together after application. Fusions's unique texture promotes bonding which will reduce serving separation. Available in black in 145 yard jig spools.

  #1D serving
Three ply high twist construction for a rounder strand which aids in the strands lying closer together which helps to retard seperation. It has excellent strength and lasting durability. 100% Dyneema .019 diameter. Available in Black, Hunter Green, Blue, Red, White, Orange, Bronze, Teal, Yellow, Dark Brown. Flo Colors: Flo Yellow, Flo Green, Flo Pink, Flo Orange. #1D replaced the #2 and #2 special. 100% HMPE.


Mini serving
Brownell’s smallest diameter serving. High twist two strand 100% HMPE construction. Small enough to go through a cable slide. Lies close together to help keep serving from seperating on those radical cams. Popular for small grove cams. .015 diameter. Available in Black, Hunter Green, Blue, Red, White, Teal, Yellow, Dark Brown and Orange. Flo Colors: Flo Yellow, Flo Green, Flo Pink, Flo Orange. 100% HMPE.

  Crown serving
The strongest, slickest and most durable serving available from Brownell. Very popular with the top finger shooters. Your choice of three diameter sizes to fit your personal set up. These are .018-.022-.026 Available in Hunter green, gray or black.

  Diamond Back serving
Unique braided HMPE and polyester construction. Superior grip and durability. Lies flat and stays put. Works great when you are using a loop on your center serving. Number one best seller in serving. Four diameters .018-.022.-026-.030 Available in 18, 22, 26. black/gold, black/blue, black/red, black/teal. .030 diameter is available in black/white and black.

  #4 twisted serving
Multifilament nylon end serving. Excellent for tying in peeps. .021 diameter. Available in Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Brown.

  Fast Flight .026
Excellent center serving. A durable blend of HMPE and polyester. .026 diameter. Available in black/white, white and bonded black. See color chart.

  Traditional serving
A braided polyester serving for the traditional archer. .018 diameter. Available in a black and white blend only.

  Bullwhip Serving
100% High Tenacity Braided HMPE. .014 inch diameter suitable for end or center serving. Bonded to improve abrasion resistance. Durable, won’t unravel and no separation. Available in black or white in 125 yard jig spools.

  Crossbow serving
A 100% HMPE material. Resin coated for that needed durability. .036 diameter. Jig holds 37 yds or available in 1000 ft. spool. Colors are black and yellow.

  Cable Fix
An ongoing problem with serving separation on the lower cam cable now has a solution. Cable Fix will take care of this problem when served over the separation. 100% HMPE


  Loop material
The LC (low creep) loop material is 100% HMPE .068 diameter. Available in white, grey, black and orange
.066, .078 and .083 Loop Material is made from 100% Nylon:
Nylon Colors Available .066 Loop material - White, Flo Green, Flo Pink, Flo Orange, Flo Purple, Flo Yellow. .078 loop material is available in White, Flo Green, Flo Pink, Flo Orange, Flo Purple, Flo Yellow, black, camo or red/white/blue
.083 loop material - black only. All sizes are available in 3 ft pieces or 100 ft spools.

  Liquid Lok and Cam Ez
Liquid Lok helps keep those end servings and center serving in place. Works best if applied before serving. Cam Ez is applied over the end serving to reduce friction and increase the durability of your string. Comes in a two pack kit which includes one ½ oz. bottle of each with full instructions for use enclosed. Also available separate in 2 oz bottles.

Instructions for Liquid Lok
Instructions for CAM EZ


Bowstring wax
Formulated exclusively to be compatible with all bowstring materials. Tack remains consistent from 20º below zero to 110º above. Increases the life of your bowstring. Available in a .60 oz stick.

  Bowfishing Line
Offering a thin diameter in an ultra strong line. 100% braided HMPE. Available in:
200 .032 diameter in 100, 300 or 1100 ft spool
400 .056 diameter in 100 ft or 1100 ft spool
640 .068 diameter in 1000 ft. spool only


Brownell Bowstring Jig
- Fully Adjustable to make strings up to 128 Inches
- Arms have positive stop at 90 degrees and can be rotated without unlocking the jig head.
- Two post positions - Allows for making regular loops or short yoke with no additional parts to buy.
- Jig heads are also available without the rails.
- Made in the U.S.A.