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Crafting quality bowstring materials since 1944.
Bowfishing Line

Bowfishing Line

Offering a thin diameter in an ultra strong line. 100% braided HMPE.

• 100% braided HMPE
• Ultra strong

Available sizes:
• 200 - 0.032 diameter in 100, 300 or 1100 ft. spool
• 400 - 0.056 diameter in 100 ft or 1100 ft. spool
• 640 - 0.068 diameter in 1000 ft. spool only

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About Brownell & Company

At Brownell, our mission is to build on our long standing tradition of product excellence and innovation to provide the archery industry with the highest quality bowstring materials available. We are committed to the research and development of the latest fiber technologies for use in bowstring materials. We thrive to exceed our customer's expectations in quality, innovation, and service because we understand and appreciate that our success is achieved through their success.... continue reading

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