About Brownell & Company

For over 80 years, Brownell has created bowstring and serving materials which are front runners in quality, innovation and craftsmanship.

Since the late 1940s, Brownell has developed archery leading bowstring technology. Now, we are advancing to the next generation of bowstrings required to meet and exceed cutting edge bows.

Brownell is the sole bowstring company to design and make their own manufacturing machines in order to produce one, two and three-colour bowstring material offered in a single strand.

We’ll continue to offer the highest quality bowstrings today and for generations to come.

Mission Statement

We will build the highest quality bowstring materials for archers worldwide through our commitment to the research and development of the latest fiber technologies available.

Brownell History

In 1825, Edward Brownell started a company in Moodus, Connecticut to supply twisted linen and nets to commercial fisherman.

Brownell & Company was founded in 1844. It primarily manufactured cloth dressing and then added cotton twine products.

In 1913, Edward’s grandson, Crary set out to find new markets. For the next 30 years, Brownell pioneered research & development in cotton zipper cord, nylon tire cord, Dacron, fiberglass for tire cord and twisted carbon yarn.

In 1922, Crary attended an archery tournament, fell in love with the sport and began making the finest bowstring materials.

In the 1940’s, nylon became the new fibre to replace cotton. Brownell partnered with DuPont to become the world’s first producer of nylon twines and netting.

Four family generations oversaw the Brownell & Company legacy and built an outstanding reputation for quality, craftsmanship and innovation.
In 2019, the Badinotti Group of Companies was pleased to announce the acquisition of Brownell Archery.

Today, the Brownell story continues with the additional resources of the Badinotti Group’s leading-edge fibre production. *

* Starting in 2018, our Badinotti Group facility has met the ISO 9001:2015 standard for manufacturing and sales of nets ropes, twines and floats.

This standard specifies requirements for an organization’s quality management system.

For more information about SGS ISO standards, please visit www.sgs.com