Serving Selection

Nylon #4

Brownell’s “Do all” economical serving. Great for securing peeps,  nock points, and it’s our most popular serving for all traditional applications. Works great with B-50 string material at a .021 diameter.


Bullwhip is our “go-to” premiere serving material. It offers a .014 diameter braided endloop, string and cable serving. Select for a clear, custom look, and performance.

1D / Mini
These are Brownell’s most dependable twisted end loop serving. Super versatile to use for any application.

Mini: .015 diameter
1D: .019 diameter


The industry standard when it comes to center servings with a diameter to fit any application. Available in .018, .022 and .026 diameters

Cable Fix

Ultra-small diameter serving material for that “Quick Fix” where serving separation has already occurred. It’s excellent for high-wear areas such as cable slide track. Goes on clear.