Serving Selection


Bullwhip is our “go to” premiere serving material. It offer 0.014 braided endloop, string and cable serving. Select white for a clear, custom look and performance.

1D / Mini
This is Brownell’s most dependable twisted end loop serving. It’s super versatile for any application. Mini: 0.015, 1D: 0.019

The industry standard when it comes to center servings with a diameter to fit any application. Available in 0.018, 0.022, 0.026, and 0.030 diameters.

#4 Nylon

Brownell’s “Do all” economical serving. Great for securing peeps, nock points, and it’s our most popular traditional serving for all traditional applications. Works great with B-50 String material.

Cable Fix
Ultra small diameter serving material for that “Quick Fix” where serving separation has already occurred. It’s excellent for high wear areas such as cable slide track and goes on clear.