Which Brownell products will be available?

So now that you know that Brownell is ready to fill your bowstring needs you’re wondering if your top Brownell products will be available?

Guess no more! This summer we plan to have our full product line up. Here’s some highlights and if you want more details, visit each product category on our site.

Bowstring Material

Bowstring Colors
B50 31 colors
D75 25 colors
Fast Flight 32 colors
Fury 31 colors
Rampage 29 solid colors & 2 hunter colors
Rampage V 29 solid colors & 2 hunter colors
Rhino 31 colors
Vantage 29 solid colors & 2 hunter colors

Serving Material

Diamondback D-Loop

Brownell’s most popular center serving material is back! It’s super durable and excellent for larger diameter end serving. Diamondback D-Loop is offered in five diameter sizes: .018, .020, .022, .026, and .030


Yes, we continue with our Bullwhip product. It’s excellent for end serving or small diameter center serving. Bullwhip will be offered in 28 colors.

Bowfishing Line and Accessories

Bowfishing Line’s high strength and durability is available in in three sizes. Along with our Bowfishing Line, we will offer a variety of accessories: Bee Wax Block, Bowstring Wax, Brownell Bowstring Jig, Cam EZ, LC D Loop Material, Liquid Lok, Magnum 0.85 D Loop, Nylon D Loop.

Brownell will continue to feature these Baker Archery Products (“BAP”)*: Cartel Server, End Loop Roller, EZ-Pull String Separators, Hook Tap Measure Plate, LC D Loop Material, Original String Separators, Server Loop Gauge, Server Tension Tool, Stretcher Assembly, String Builder’s Package, Tape Measure with Plate and Swinging 4-Posts.  

*Baker Archery Products (“BAP”) and the BPA logo are trademarks of BAP of Glenns Ferry, Idaho.